Friday, March 1, 2013

Brainstorming Works Best (ASSIGNMENT 2)

Briefly explain the tips for better brainstorming.

When brainstorming sessions are managed right and skilfully linked to other work practices, such gatherings can promote innovation. The first guideline that important for running effective brainstorming is use brainstorming to extend ideas and combine, not just to harvest ideas. Each person has their own idea and opinion. With the power of group brainstorming, the people with different ideas can blend, share and also can expend their knowledge. Group brainstorms are a waste of time if our goals just want to collect the creative ideas from other people.

Brainstorming sessions are worthless unless they are teached with other work practices. Each company will be creative just because of brainstorming practices. It will not be much value if brainstorming not combined with other practices. Because of that, brainstorming must be practices for every people to make something more advanced. The examples of practices is like talk to experts, observe user and build prototype products or experiences for generate ideas. 

In my opinion, the bad companies are they have good and really great ideas because they always coming up with new ideas, but never practice it to implementing them. I once read an article that create about one team that already spent a year brainstorming and arguing a simple product without produce even a single prototype, even though an awesome engineer could have built one in an hour or maybe two. Lastly, the project was finally killed and failed because have another competitor came out with the product.

Besides that, another way for better brainstorming is requires skill and experiences both to do and especially to facilitate. Brainstorming is one we called a skill because to be expert, it takes months or years to master about it. It takes even longer to develop because facilitating a session is a skill. . If you hold brainstorms every now and then, and they are led by people without skill and experience, it will only embarrass yourself, because it seems like we have a car but we do not know how to drive. That is how humans act when they do something new and have poor teachers.

Another tip is a good brainstorming session is competitive in the right way. For the best brainstorms, many people feel stress and pressure because they want to show off what thing they know and also how skilled they are at building on other’s ideas. People also competitive in a wrong way. For example is they are compete to get everyone else to contribute, to make everyone feel like part of the group, and to treat everyone as collaborators toward a common goal. The very bad and worst thing that manager can do is set up the session as an “I win, you lose” game, and in which ideas are explicitly rated, ranked, and rewarded. It’s very not fair anymore. Last day, I found a story about brainstorming that has team leader at one company who started giving bonuses to workers who generated the best ideas in brainstorms. 

In addition, the great tip for better brainstorming is use brainstorming sessions for more than just generating awesome ideas. Brainstorms aren't just a place to generate good ideas. Project teams use brainstorms to get inputs from people with diverse skills throughout the company. In the process, a lot of other good things happen. Knowledge is spread about new industries and technologies, newcomers and veterans learn or are reminded about who knows what, and jumping into a brainstorm for an hour or so to think about someone's problem provides a welcome respite from each designer's own projects. The clear goal of a group brainstorm is to generate ideas. But the other benefits of routinely gathering rotating groups of people from around a company to talk about new and old ideas might ultimately be more important for supporting creative work. Those are the tips that must to follow for better and great brainstorming.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Before my literature, Pak Din ask to write about Genovasi,I have no idea about what meaning of Genovasi. I never hear that word before,maybe because I never do a research about innovation and my knowledge less because I do not read. Then, I do some research and get information about Genovasi.

Genovasi which is the combination of “Generasi” and “Inovasi” or “The Innovation Generation”. Genovasi is the innovation organization to propagate innovation and design thinking skills, creating services and solutions that improve the economy and quality of life. 

The establishment of Genovasi as an innovation organization where young Malaysians will be able to receive an induction into innovation is spearheaded by Unit Inovasi Khas (UNIK) under the Prime Minister’s office. Genovasi will provide young professionals and graduates with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to become Innovation Ambassadors via the Innovation Ambassador Development Programme.

Genovasi was established by Unit Inovasi Khas (UNIK), a unit under the Prime Minister's Department. UNIK chief executive Datuk Kamal Jit Singh says that Genovasi is a way to address the shortage of innovative minds in multi-national companies (MNCs).

Genovasi will produce Innovation Ambassadors who will be catalysts for change to spread the concepts, best practices and applications of innovation. They will actively apply the innovation skills and methodologies they have learn through Genovasi to real situations where innovation can bring about progress, a better quality of life as well as solutions for the nation.The innovation ambassadors would be the “Generasi Inovasi”, a generation of innovators  who would play an active role in enhancing and improving the country, and Genovasi would provide an avenue for youth to integrate with the nation, offering their passion and commitment to build a Malaysia that is able to reach for the stars.

Genovasi also can help us to develop future innovators through  Innovation Ambassador Programme. If you all are passionate about creating value, making a difference and making an impact in a person's experience, can be it in that community, your organization or even on a bigger scale, the Innovation Ambassador Programme may be able to help you with that. It's not just about pursuing your interest but equipping yourselves with skills to innovate, give you a headstart in developing your talents and career along the way.

Why Malaysia must be more Innovative?

Our Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said that the next driver for the Malaysian economy will be innovation
An innovation-driven economy will enable the nation to further develop its science and technology sector. making it a force to be reckoned with globally.
This needs to happen if the country aspires to surge ahead of countries already famous for their science and technology prowess, like South Korea and Japan.
Another crucial factor to achieving such prowess is to stem or reverse Malaysia’s brain drain – its loss of expertise to other nations.
A fledgling innovation economy in the country would open up opportunities for local talents, thus reducing the brain-drain problem.
However,our ministry is also reaching out to talented Malaysian overseas to encourage them to share their knowledge and expertise with their counterparts in the science and technology sector at home.
Certain research areas, such as aerospace, cyber security and nuclear power, could do with contributions from our talented scientists residing overseas.
We want them to know that there are opportunities here for them to play a vital part in.Tweaks The ministry has modified its brain-gain programmed to make it more appealing to Malaysian experts working overseas. Besides offering better monetary rewards, it is also leveraging on social capital to woo these people to work for the country.

Many of them have built lives overseas and it would be unfair to expect them to uproot themselves and come home.
Instead, the ministry is coaxing these experts to team up with scientists in Malaysia, in order to effect a transfer of knowledge.
According to Ongkili, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry will be consulted for more opinions on how the brain-gain programmed can be improved.
 Keeps in touch with Malaysian embassies around the world, which helps it identify potential Malaysians who can contribute to the science and technology sector.

As an added measure to encourage innovative thinking among Malaysians, the ministry will be rolling out the National Innovation Foundation soon, and has declared 2010 as the year of creativity and innovation.
These measures, will provide a platform for any Malaysian to present ideas.
Malaysia is a creative lot and can move forward to seeing what comes up.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Musim kenduri datang lagi,aku resah!!


Sekarang dah start cuti sekolah.Budak-budak sekolah mesti seronok cuti-cuti sekolah ni,yer la boleh la diaorang tidur lambat malam tu,pastu pagi tu bangun lambat,tersangat la gembira.Aku faham sangat la,aku dulu pun budak sekolah gak,asal cuti sekolah je,mesti tak hengat dunia.Sebulan sebelum cuti sekolah tu dah mula menghitung hari.Memang tak teragak-agak bab-bab cuti ni.

Dalam masa dua minggu cuti ni,setiap pelusok jalan semua nak jem je,jalan short cut pun dah macam jalan biasa dah.Sesak dengan kenderaan-kenderaan empat roda,dua roda,dan lain-lain roda.Mana taknyer,orang Kelantan yang bermastautin kat luar negeri Kelantan semua balik kampung halaman.Ada jugak yang dah lama tak balik kampung tu sampai jalan one way pun dorang main lalu je.

Tak kisah la semua tu,yang aku nak sangat kisah ni,bila cuti sekolah,memang banyak sangat jemputan kenduri-kendara ni,lebih dua puluh rumah nak kena pegi. Kalau tak pegi,tak boleh plak,sebab rumah saudara-mara jugak,masa ni la nak ambil peluang nak kenal-kenal,nak beramah mesra katanya. 

Masalah besar plak,bila dah pergi kenduri,mesti nak makan.Aku dah la dalam proses menurunkan berat badan yang terlampau berat ni.Cuba kalau dalam masa satu hari tu ada tiga buah rumah nak kena pergi,tak kan tiga-tiga rumah tu nak makan.Nak tahan nafsu makan pun teramat la susah,yer la lauk-pauk kat tempat kenduri ni sedap-sedap belaka.Lagi-lagi lauk ayam pedas tu,memang aku makan sampai jilat jari la,lauk kegemaran aku tu.Macam mana la aku nak hadapi semua godaan makanan ni.

 -nyum nyum nyum!!!-


 psst psst!!! :- Aku harap mental dan fizikal aku cukup kuat untuk menghadapi saat-saat genting tu nanti,tolong doakan aku yer..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

UFO la plak..


Mula-mula nak tanya,korang percaya tak UFO tu wujud?Macam mana la boleh keluar isu UFO ni.'Kalau tak ada angin,masakan pokok bergoyang',agak-agak boleh pakai ke peribahasa ni?Cuba pejam mata dalam 10 saat,kalau rasa kejap sangat,tambah lagi 10saat,so jadi 20saat untuk pejam mata,pastu bayangkan sejenak kalau UFO tu tiba-tiba mendarat kat kawasan rumah korang.Kalau yang tak ada rumah macam mana?Tak kisah la kan mana-mana kawasan pun,yang penting UFO tu mendarat depan mata korang,agak-agak lagi kan,apa reaksi korang?

Paling tidak pun korang akan ternganga lima puloh saat,pastu menjerit-jerit panggil mama,ibu,ummi,mummy,mak,semua jenis panggilan korang sebut,pastu korang menyorok belakang mak ko,konon-konon ko boleh rasa selamat.Dalam masa yang sama,mesti ada yang terperasan UFO tu ala-ala macam cerita CJ7.Ke ada yang tak pernah tengok cerita tu?alaa,yang binatang dia comel-comel tu,Stephen Chow belakon tu. Perut dah kecut,tapi ada hati berangan nak macam cerita CJ7 tu,apa daaa...huhuhu..tapi CJ7 tu cute kot,kalau ada depan mata,rasa nak tonyoh-tonyoh je muka dia,comel sangat.Aku rasa CJ7 ni anak kepada UFO kot,tak pun binatang peliharaan dorang.

Tak payah nak menghaprak sangat,sampai sini je,nanti ada plak yang duk fikir betul ke tidak UFO ni wujud,24jam la duk fikir macam mana nak buat kalau benda alah tu duk depan pintu rumah ko,pastu salahkan aku plak penyebab korang tak tidur,tak makan,mana taknya,duk fikir hal tak munasabah ni.hehe..

-rasa geramkan tengok muka CJ7 ni-

-bidaah je ni-;p

psst psst!!!:-
-tadi adik aku tanya mama aku,'macam mana yer kalau UFO tu ada',mama aku dengan selamba comelnya jawab,'adik pegi salam ngan dia'..(da tak boleh buat apa la kan,huhu)
-sebab tu la tetiba aku buat entri pasal UFO ni.;p